16 Libraries You Should Know as a React Developer

3 min readMay 14


Being a modern React developer is not about knowing just React itself. To stay competitive, it is highly recommended to explore the whole ecosystem.

In this article, I’ve compiled some of the most useful React component libraries you could use to speed up your developer workflow.

Those will include anything from working with forms, charts, calendars, tables, guides, popups, colors, animations, music, images and so much more.

1. react-hook-form

React Hooks for form state management and validation.

2. recharts

Redefined chart library built with React and D3.

3. react-big-calendar

An events calendar built for React and modern browsers.

4. react-beautiful-dnd

Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React.

5. react-table

A library for building robust tables and data grids.

6. react-joyride

Create guided tours for your apps.

7. react-advanced-cropper

Create customized crops for your designs.

8. react-colorful

A tiny, dependency-free, fast and accessible color picker component.

9. react-spring

Spring-physics-based animation library for React applications.

10. react-tsparticles

Easily create highly customizable particles animations.

11. react-popper

Position tooltips and popovers in an elegant, performant manner.

12. react-pdf-viewer

A PDF viewer made for React.

13. react-i18next

Internationalization for React done right.

14. react-icons

SVG react icons of popular icon packs.

15. audio-player

Music player with custom controls, playlist, filters, and search.

16. image-slider

Image slider component for your pictures.

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